Oakley Wood Predator Mallet
Oakley Wood Predator Mallet

Oakley Wood Predator Mallet

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The way you think about mallet weight is about to change

Oakley Woods Croquet’s Predator mallet has pushed the envelope of mallet design. This new mallet offers high peripheral weighting and outstanding energy transfer. Don’t be fooled by its lighter weight. This mallet is a game-changer.

An ultra-light graphite shaft allows the effective weight to be placed where it matters most - directly behind the striking face. The carbon fiber tube is completely wrapped in a comfortable and colorful foam grip. This allows the player to utilize every inch of space for ultimate hand positioning from drive shots to pass rolls. The profiled foam grip is black for all but 6" at the bottom, where you have a choice of blue, red or green. There are a couple of highlight color bands of blue, red, black & yellow.

The black walnut head is capped with hybrid striking faces, combining stainless steel & carbon fiber. This is where some very unique magic happens. The combination of stainless steel sub-face and the thin carbon fiber striking face, allows an extremely high percentage of energy transfer to the ball. Players have told us that the ball “pops” off the mallet with very little effort.

Lower overall weight is a luxury you can now have thanks to this advanced design. Swing energy is more efficiently transferred to the ball, achieving higher performance. Stop shots to roll shots are more easily executed with the Predator Mallet. The head size measures 1-3/4" tall X 2-1/2" wide, making it a low profile design with a wide sweet spot. Lengths are available in 10”, 11” & 12”.

Change your game!

PS - This is the preferred mallet of David Maloof, who became the number one ranked player in America in 2016. Congratulations David! Also the mallet of John Richardson, Canada's #1 Golf Croquet player and Matthew Essick, America's youngest member of several national teams.