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Needlepoint Belt

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A hand-stitched traditional needlepoint belt, 1.25” in width and finished with full grain, rich coffee colored leather and a solid brass buckle. Top quality, richly colored cotton thread is hand stitched on each belt to ensure the detailed needlepoint patterns will continue looking great for years to come.

Sizing Information

Sizing Information: We suggest ordering 2 inches larger than your normal waist size in casual khaki pants (i.e. a man with a size 36-inch waist should order a size 38-inch belt). However, if you wear an odd size in pants, we suggest ordering 3 inches larger than your waist size (i.e. a man with a size 35 pants should order a size 38-inch belt). This is the best way to find the right size, but we’re more than happy to make exchanges if you need a smaller or larger size.


Green, Blue and Kakhi

Green available in 34, 38

Blue and Kakhi available in 34, 36, 38, 40