PFC Standard 9 5/8" Mallet
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PFC Standard 9 5/8" Mallet

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Made from precision-machined alloy, the patented mallet head has been developed to reduce effort and increase the accuracy of the shot.

 These mallets are available with several options to choose from:

 There are 3 striking face options: Brass, MMT or Zelatron. MMT and Zelatron are a great choice for 6 Wicket or Association as they perform well for roll shots. The Zelatron is a newer technology polymer and has a slightly 'softer' metallic sound when striking a ball.  The brass is excellent for Golf Croquet and heavier lawns. 

There are two shaft options: Standard which is a single piece, or a Travel Shaft which unscrews in the middle. (upcharge of $50) Bought separately as an additional shaft, the Travel Shaft costs $140.

For either of these options, you can have the bottom half in a color. See picture. Please specify a color in the text box.

 Both configurations of shaft may be ordered in different grip sizes:

Standard round or ovoid (4"); add a cushion grip (which is slightly thicker) (4 1/4"), or Mens' round or ovoid (4 1/8") add the thicker cushion grip (4 3/8").

 Overall Weight

MMT and Zelatron come in Standard Weight at 2lbs-14oz, or Light Weight at 2lb-6oz. NOTE:  Brass Standard Weight is 3lb 5oz and Light Weight is 2lb-14oz

 There is a lot to choose from! If you need more info or clarification, please contact Kara at the ProShop.