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Carpet Hoop

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Are you missing croquet during the winter months? You can play croquet indoors with the Carpet Hoop! The thick wall stanchion (uprights) fit snugly into a 3" tall steel pin welded solidly to a fixed width base. The base ensures that the hoop conforms to the regulation opening of 3-3/4". Slide the H - shaped base under the carpet, with the base's pins extending through the carpet. All that's left is to slide the upper section down over the pins. The wicket can also be used on top of a carpet. The wide triangular base keeps it upright and stable.

  • Available as single wickets, set of 6 or 9. Email the Pro Shop for pricing on sets.
  • Welded steel bases
  • Powdercoated finish
  • Matching indoor winning peg is also available