NCC member and mallet maker, Dave Spivey, handcrafts mallets from a variety of exotic woods. He will taylor make the mallet to suit your aesthetic taste and croquet needs. Mallet heads are peripheral weighted with 1.25 in. solid brass rod, machined to provide the required weight. Sightline inlays can be decorative wood or polished brass. Handles are carbon fiber shafts covered with EVA dense closed cell water proof foam with  full length round grips. The grip diameter is custom to your preference 1 in. to 1.3 in. with inlays of 4 ball colors standard. An additional inlay is added for the 36 in. mark for longer handles. Handles are removable and weigh 9-10 oz.
This mallet is high performance and a work of art!

Palm Beach Mallet Works by Dave Spivey

Head Length
Overall Length
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