Mallets can be made with choice of shaft length, shaft color, head length and weight.
Indian Rosewood head, 8mm milled stainless steel end plates provide peripheral weighting.
The head comes in lengths of 10” or 11”.  You can have either the single sight line (first picture on the left) or the new double sight line (picture on top right).
The carbon and fibre glass shaft is foam filled to minimize vibration.
EVA closed cell foam grip is waterproof, comfortable and hard wearing and can be shaped to traditional octagonal or 35mm round. The shaft colors are grey, camel and light navy.
Up to 6 capital letters may be stamped on the side in gold.

Specify (1) Single or double sight line; (2) shaft color, (3) engraving, if any.


For custom mallets, with engraving, non-standard shaft length, add $40 for shipping from the manufacturer.

George Wood Evolution Mallet

Head Length
Overall Length
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