Oakley Wood Brighton

Oakley Wood Brighton

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The Brighton mallet has evolved from it's original round, white design of more than 20 years ago. As successful as our original design was (and still is), many players asked that we make them in a 'more wood-like color'. Thus, the Brighton II was born. Machined from a solid piece of tough, high density polyethylene, our best 'stop shot' mallet now sports a very appealing dark brown color. This material was chosen for its extremely durable striking surface that closely resembles real wood in its feel during impact with the ball and it's longevity. It's new color offers a superb contrast to the cream-colored sightline.


Players regularly tell us how this mallet performs better stop shots than any other mallet they've played with.

Our exclusive Taperlock fastening system allows for complete inter-changeability between shafts & heads. That means you decide on what shaft you would like to fit to this mallet. Along with an easily removable head, the system will also let you rotate the shaft to any angle in relation to the head to ensure a comfortable swing.

When deciding on a shaft for your Brighton II, weight is a consideration. Paired with an ash shaft, this mallet will weigh in at about 2 lb - 12 oz. For Golf croquet, this works perfectly.,Players of Association or American rules games will want a heavier mallet like the Acadia.