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Oakley Woods Gryphon Mallet

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Made of a blend of carbon fiber, stainless steel and American Black Walnut, this mallet will deliver power and performance.
The carbon fiber shaft, which weighs only 9 oz, is available in two ‘flex’ options, rigid and mid-flex.
The full length EVA grip comes with three color options. Custom colored shafts are available; price dependent on the number of colors.  Email the Pro Shop for a quote.

The standard head size is 2-3/8” x 2-3/8”. Although the head can be ordered in 11", the mallet was designed to work best with a 10" head. Email the Pro Shop if you would like to order an 11" head.
The stainless steel faces have been precision milled to create the exact weight for the mallet. The resulting peripheral weighting puts most of the head's mass furthest from the shaft's centerline.  The effect reduces twist during the mallet swing - the reason for most mis-hits. 

For personalized engraving, add $12 for 1 side and $18 for both sides