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George Wood Evolution Mallet

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The Evolution is comprised of an Indian Rosewood head, with a carbon fiber shaft covered in EVA closed cell foam to minimize vibration.  The 8mm milled stainless steel end plates provide peripheral weighting.

Mallets can be ordered with choice of head length, overall height, shaft color, and weight.  In addition, the head size can be 60mm x 55mm or 55mm x 60mm.  The first option provides a wider striking face and is very popular.  

The default head is 10”, but it can also be ordered in 11”. You can have either the single sight line (top row of pictures) or the new double sight line (picture on bottom left).

EVA closed cell foam grip is waterproof, comfortable and hard wearing and can be shaped to traditional octagonal or 35mm round with flat sides. The shaft colors are grey, camel and light navy.
Up to 6 capital letters may be stamped on the side in gold, as shown on the top right picture.


  • Head Length: 10" (most popular), 11" or 12"
  • Shaft height (measure from the ground to the top of the shaft)
  • Weight
  • Striking Face:  60mm x 55mm or 55mm x 60mm; 
  • Sight Line: Single or Double 
  • Shaft color: Grey, Tan or Light Navy
  • Handle Shape:  Traditional Octagonal or Round with flat edges
  • Gold Lettering, up to 6 letters or characters.